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We are currently modernising our systems in the background, so you’ll have no problems in being AT HOME OUTDOORS in the future too. This will enable us to be able to serve you even better in the future. During the switchover, we will, unfortunately, not be as quick as we’d like to be, and as we are under normal circumstances. The modernisation of our systems is a complicated task and will probably result in disruptions to our service until around 17 May 2021. It is quite likely that you will encounter delays during this period. Consequently, we would like to answer FAQs in this respect here.

Please keep an eye on this website in the future. If we have an update on the switchover, we will let you know about it here.

By the way, our stores will be open during this period, provided that there are no changes to the current situation. You can find your nearest JACK WOLFSKIN store here.


  • Following intensive preparation, which such a huge and complicated project involves, the actual switchover is likely to last until 17.05.2021.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to send out any orders whilst the switchover takes place. This affects, first and foremost, all orders in our online shop but may also have an impact on an item ordered in a JACK WOLFSKIN store or replacement items. Our Click & Reserve service will not be available during this period.

    You can, of course, continue to order items online. We will get your order ready, so that the goods can go out as soon as this is possible again. As things stand today, this will be as from 17.05.2021.
  • Yes, of course. You can browse at leisure in our webshop and place your order there too. We will get everything ready, so that we can send it off as soon as the switchover is complete. At the moment, this will be the case as of 17.05.2021.
  • Our stores will be open during this period, provided that there are no changes to the current situation. You can find your nearest JACK WOLFSKIN store here.

    The stores’ Click & Reserve services as well as Instore Order will not be available during the switchover period.
  • We regret that cancellation of an order is not possible during the switchover, as we will not have full access to our systems during this time. That was the reason why we pointed out the current delays in deliveries when you placed your order. Nevertheless, we will do all we can to keep any delays to a minimum. We hope that you will find our items worth waiting for.
  • Any delay will not affect your 14-day right to return. The period only starts once you have received the item(s) in question, meaning you can take your time trying on the goods when they arrive before making your decision.
  • If the returned goods arrived at our depot after 26.04.2021, there will be delays in notifying you due to the switchover. Please accept our apologies for this. As soon as our systems are up and running, we will process all returns according to the date of receipt and will then be in touch with you.
  • Yes, of course. In such cases, please get in touch with the retailer from whom you bought your JACK WOLFSKIN product or using the international freephone number 00800-96537546 (00800-WOLFSKIN) or send an email to our webshop if you ordered the item there: eshop@jack-wolfskin.com . You can then either hand in or send your item(s) for repair or as a complaint. We will make good use of the time available during the switchover to process your complaint, so that we can get it sent back to you or the retailer from whom you bought it immediately after 17.05.2021.
  • Yes, of course. Especially during unusual circumstances like this particular one, we are more than happy to at least be able to answer your questions. We are here to answer any enquiries you may have, either over the phone on the international freephone number 00800-96537546 (00800-WOLFSKIN) or please send an email to eshop@jack-wolfskin.com.

    If you decide to send us an email, we would only ask that you be patient as we are anticipating a higher volume of emails than usual. We will get in touch with you as quick as we can.