Everything that you need for trail running

This is all based on the motto “as much as necessary, as little as possible” – because you don’t want to go running with lots of luggage as this means extra weight! We have, therefore, focused on making sure that the things on the list are the things that you cannot do without when on the go. This not only includes functional clothing, a lightweight, flexible pack and a necessary water bottle, but also small items such as blister plasters, lip balm or a good old banana for an energy boost to achieve your best performance yet.

Everything to do with trail running


Health and first aid:

  • A small first aid kit with personal medicines and plasters, dressing materials, blister plasters
  • Muscle pain relief cream
  • Electrolyte and magnesium tablets
  • Sun cream/lip salve


Don’t forget!:

  • Cash/debit/credit card

Other Books: