The item you requested is unfortunately not available in our online shop, or would you like to try it on/out before you buy it? Get instant information on availability in your nearest JACK WOLFSKIN store, reserve it, and then try it on/out in store and get expert advice into the bargain!

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As simple as this, see below.

1. Browse online

Browse in our JACK WOLFSKIN online shop and select the colour and size of the item* you’re looking for.

*SALE items not included

2. Check availability

Click on “Availability in my nearest store” and look for your nearest store by entering your local postcode or town.

3. Reserve item

Select your preferred JACK WOLFSKIN store, enter your contact details, including your email address, then click on “request now”.

4. Your requested item has been reserved for you.

Your local JACK WOLFSKIN store will be contacting you by email within the next 24 hours to let you know the status of your requested items.

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