In our series “We at Jack Wolfskin”, we introduce employees from various areas of the company. Today, Sabrina is going to tell you about her work in the Apparel department at Jack Wolfskin – enjoy reading!

"I have been at Jack Wolfskin since 2006. First, I did a semester as an intern during my fashion design course which I started after training to be a dressmaker. It should be the beginning of an eventful time at Jack Wolfskin.

This was followed by a job as a part-time assistant, various internal positions in product management and then my current position as a Design & Development Manager, Apparel. Basically, it’s about developing, creating and carrying out quality assurance for products that conform with both the brand and the market, as well as product concepts for the Apparel division. I most enjoy the fact that I can be part of a team designing apparel right from the idea to the market-ready product. I don’t just simply deliver designs, I help develop them and am right in the middle of the action when an idea or a sketch is transformed into a good product – or, even better, a successful product.

That’s what I love doing. Of course, you have to love your job, as sometimes you have to give up some of your free time. But I think that’s pretty normal in this industry. What’s much more important is that however difficult it gets, there’s always a good product at the end of it, because everyone pulls their weight. And, after all these years, Jack Wolfskin is somehow a part of me – I basically grew up here. In my spare time I, of course, do plenty of sport, especially as a lifeguard."