August 6, 2021


Microguard is a synthetic fibre interlining that’s ideal for very lightweight, durable and compact apparel and sleeping bags.

Countless layers of tangled polyester fibres create a kind of fleece. In contrast to down or loose synthetic loose fibrefill insulation, it can be used without quilting.Spiral fibres with high loft are mixed with microfibres which are excellent at storing heat.

We use different thicknesses of MICROGUARD, depending on what it is to be used for.

  • Good warmth-to-weight Ratio
  • Small pack size
  • Robust and durable
  • Moisture-resistant

Microguard Silver: On the body contact side, there is an additional layer of thin, breathable fleece with metallic particles. These particles reflect the body’s heat and improve the heat retention properties by around 20%.

Microguard Maxloft: MICROGUARD MAXLOFT is a particularly generous quilted interlining that has a down-like warmth-to-weight ratio and hollow fibres that trap even more warming air.