Summer 2024

Summer 2024

October 16, 2023



„We live to discover“ – that‘s been Jack Wolfskin’s truth for more than 40 years. In the early 1980s, German Ulrich Dausien started a company to design better outdoor equipment to withstand the rigors of his adventures. His inspiration to create the name „Jack Wolfskin“ dates back to a trip to the Canadian wilderness where a campfire sparked the initial idea for the brand with the paw. Today, more than ever, Jack Wolfskin defines itself as an enabler for all those who follow their curiosity - from youngsters to recreational athletes and guides up to professional athletes, explorers and researchers.

Jack Wolfskin equips anyone and everyone for adventurous experiences in the great outdoors - with technologies and particularly sustainable manufacturing methods innovated in Germany. Functionality, reliability, durability and contemporary designs make the products perfect companions in any destination, environment or weather, including cities and the backcountry. Life is one long journey of exploration. Wherever that journey leads, Jack Wolfskin is dedicated to the joy of discovery and sharing this experience.

The 2024 summer collection features numerous design solutions that unite perfect functionality with the highest level of sustainability. Be it apparel, footwear or backpacks: each item was designed for a specific purpose. All components, cuts and features serve one objective: to provide the ultimate outdoor experience - with future generations in mind.

Milestone for the circular economy
For many years now, Jack Wolfskin has made a name for itself as an outdoor industry pioneer in sustainability, be it for exclusively using organic cotton or strictly abandoning the use of PFCs, to name just two of many more initiatives. The latest summer collection takes the Hessians one step closer to the ultimate goal: a circular economy. Some of the outer layers of the waterproof Texapore Ecosphere membrane now consist to 100 % content derived from recycled cutting scraps salvaged from textile production and recycled garments – a breakthrough in textile-to-textile recycling.Jack Wolfskin this season further increased the share of synthetic fibres dyed using the environmentally friendly NTX® technology - a special, water- and energy-saving printing method. More than 12 % of the total amount of synthetic fibres in the 2024 summer collection are already dyed using NTX®.

Technological innovations across the spectrum
Further advancing existing technologies, such as its weather protection membranes, Jack Wolfskin continues to reinforce its position as a leader in the outdoor industry. New this season, the brand introduces the highly breathable Texachill fabric which cools the skin through embedded minerals. The refreshing effect is felt immediately after putting on the garment. A new Mosquito Barrier fabric perfect for travel and trekking, does not contain any harmful chemicals unlike other mosquito repellent textiles on the market. The fabric’s protective effect is achieved through a particularly dense weave structure, yet the garment is soft and comfortable to wear.

Light Hiking: Sweating is in the past
The new Light Hiking collection makes hiking in high summer temperatures that much easier thanks to particularly lightweight and, in some cases, cooling fabrics such as Texachill. For long-lasting freshness, many garments feature the integrated Microban® technology, which inhibits the development of unpleasant odours without using any biocides. Sustainability in the collection is further increased through extensive application of recycled materials. Exceptional thermoregulation also is a key characteristic of the Light Hiking footwear and backpacks. Once again,innovative technologies create a superior performing product such as well-ventilated 3D-printed back padding in the expanded collection of Aerorise packs.

Bikepacking: All set for adventure
Alongside a range of bike bags and panniers, Jack Wolfskin‘s Bikepacking connection expands with apparel and equipment designed for riding multiple days on a bike. Optimised fits and cool designs meet technical materials capable of withstanding the tough challenges posed by extended rides. The collections‘ new weather protection gear is made with a highly waterproof yet breathable Texapore Pro fabric. This fabric simultaneously proves thattear resistance and light weight - two properties particularly valuable when bikepacking - are not mutually exclusive.Sustainability is a central theme throughout the collection, thanks to a high proportion of recycled materials and resource-saving production methods.

Equipment: Tomorrow‘s technology today
A backpack with back padding created in a 3D printer: this pioneering innovation earned Jack Wolfskin this year‘s coveted Red Dot Design Award. The technology is the brainchild of an exclusive collaboration and joint development between plastics technology specialist Oechsler, US 3D print pioneer Carbon 3D and Jack Wolfskin. The back padding‘s design has been optimised for the 2024 summer collection. It now offers even better ventilation and an even higher carrying comfort. Jack Wolfskin’s equipment range further expands with five more lightweight, stable and comfortable models. Plus, an awning-tent designed for cars and minivans provides more space and weather protection for Vanlife. Inherent to the brand, sustainability in equipment remains a top priority. More than 85% of the products contain recycled material and 65% of the products conform to the CRITERIA to be labelled bluesign®PRODUCT. Jack Wolfskin strictly refrains from using PFCs in impregnations – and eliminates PVC from all bike bags and backpacks.

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