Social report 2013/2014 - for more transparency and responsibility

February 3, 2015

Social report 2013/2014 - for more transparency and responsibility

What does sustainability mean to Jack Wolfskin? What steps does a jacket, for example, go through to take it from the concept to the finished in-store product? Which suppliers in which countries manufacture products for Jack Wolfskin? Answers to these questions can be found in our latest Social Report 2013/2014 ... It’s worth taking a look!

“Globalisation”, networked markets and international competition mean that the world is getting smaller. In addition, manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex and require a clear explanation. As a brand and member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), we aim to provide more transparency. Our social report therefore gives detailed insights into our sustainability strategy and the defined goals for the coming years.

Furthermore, we outline the “creation process” of our products, tell you about the requirements and high standards that we demand from our suppliers and show what societal responsibility we undertake as a company. As the first outdoor company to do so, we made the step towards absolute transparency in 2014 by publishing the audit results for all suppliers on our website. This report is for anyone interested in the topic of sustainability, especially with regard to the production of our outdoor products. We thereby highlight our corporate responsibility and make the readers better able to understand the bigger picture.

"Social Report"

You can find the Social Report 2013/2014 for Download here.