Bolivia -
A country of contrasts

What do you expect when you travel around a country which is known for having an altitude difference of almost 6,500 m? How do you deal with thin mountain air? How does it feel to walk on the Inca Trail, which is thousands of years old, and cross three different climate zones at the same time? Bolivia makes the hearts of all adventurous travellers beat faster. The nature here is still largely wild and almost untouched There's always a new challenge waiting for you just around the corner. You’ll come out of it feeling like you are definitely in love: with the country, the nature, the people – and the food, of course.
Bolivia -<br/>A country of contrasts

A tour of Bolivia is not just any trip. I will remember a lot about this unique country, for example the capital city. La Paz is simply awesome. Lively, loud, exciting, exhausting and unbelievably interesting. Cable cars cross the entire city. They are similar to the underground system here and take us to the El Alto neighbourhood, 4,500 metres above sea level. We are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the city and the majestic mountain ranges surrounding us. We will be setting out into these mountains soon, we can hardly wait! But now we are firstly going to take a look at the city!

“Bolivia is a journey to another world with all the ups and downs, in every sense of the word. Unique and brilliant!”

Danny, 36, globetrotter

Simply magical

To make sure that we won’t be cursed during our tour, we visit the “Mercado de Hechceria” beforehand, the witch market. Here, countless numbers of magical products are sold, which are supposed to protect against evil and bring luck. We get a tailor-made product put together in a special ceremony. Now we have the mountain gods on our side – we can actually get going! But we still have time to carry on discovering the city. The Bolivians are generally friendly and open-minded, meaning we can engage with the locals quickly.
In the colonial area of La Paz, there are beautiful old buildings to discover, as well as lots of street art and street music. The "zebras" are unique – men dressed as zebras, who manage the chaotic traffic and make sure that no pedestrians get run over. Then there are the street clowns, who keep the drivers stuck in traffic happy. Nowhere else has a dance, music and art scene as varied as thatof La Paz. How much of this we can experience in 24 hours is questionable. But maybe we still have time after the chorro trail. It is definitely worth it!

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