PPE is the abbreviation for protective equipment taken along on a trip or worn on the body. These types of products can also be found in our collection – including packs, gloves and outdoor clothing which feature UV protection. According to a new EU provision, we are obligated as of now to publish a declaration of conformity for personal protective equipment. This essentially means putting the fact that our products comply with EU legislation in writing on our website. This declaration follows an inspection in line with the EC technical release certificate, which examines the product according to the required specifications.

Product nameProduct IDSeasonPDF
LAKESIDE JACKET W1305961HW 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET M1305991HW 19DownloadDownload
RAYS STRETCH VENT SHIRT MEN1401552HW 19DownloadDownload
CENTAURA FLEX SHIRT W1401921HW 19DownloadDownload
BOW VALLEY SHIRT1402541HW 19DownloadDownload
RED RIVER SHIRT1402551HW 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE ROLL-UP SHIRT M1402821HW 19DownloadDownload
JWP LS SHIRT M1403071HW 19DownloadDownload
JWP LS SHIRT W1403081HW 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS W1505251HW 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS M1505371HW 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE SKY XT PANTS W1505441HW 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE SKY XT PANTS M1505481HW 19DownloadDownload
JWP PANT M1505641HW 19DownloadDownload
JWP PANT W1505651HW 19DownloadDownload
VARGEN LONGSLEEVE KIDS1608211HW 19DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE XT MEN1806131HW 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO HAT1906752HW 19DownloadDownload
VENT PRO CAP19222FS 19DownloadDownload
SAGUARO PARKA WOMEN1305401FS 19DownloadDownload
SAGUARO JACKET WOMEN1305431FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET W1305961FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE FIELDJACKET W1305971FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET M1305991FS 19DownloadDownload
RAYS STRETCH VENT SHIRT MEN1401552FS 19DownloadDownload
CENTAURA SHIRT W1401623FS 19DownloadDownload
NAPO RIVER SHIRT1402301FS 19DownloadDownload
SONORA SHIRT W1402382FS 19DownloadDownload
ATACAMA ROLL-UP SHIRT1402431FS 19DownloadDownload
VICTORIA ROLL-UP SHIRT W1402791FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE ROLL-UP SHIRT M1402821FS 19DownloadDownload
HILLTOP TRAIL SHIRT M1402841FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE SHIRT M1402921FS 19DownloadDownload
HILLTOP TRAIL SHIRT W1402961FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF WOMEN1500696FS 19DownloadDownload
KALAHARI SKORT1502914FS 19DownloadDownload
KALAHARI 3/4 PANTS WOMEN1503302FS 19DownloadDownload
MARRAKECH ZIP OFF PANTS1503642FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 PANTS1503721FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF MEN1503742FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT MEN1503772FS 19DownloadDownload
HOGGAR SHORTS1503781FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT PANTS WOMEN1503842FS 19DownloadDownload
CANYON ZIP OFF PANTS1504191FS 19DownloadDownload
CANYON CARGO SHORTS1504201FS 19DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY SHORTS MEN1504741FS 19DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY PANTS MEN1504871FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS W1505251FS 19DownloadDownload
DESERT ROLL-UP PANTS W1505281FS 19DownloadDownload
DESERT PARK DRESS1505351FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS M1505371FS 19DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY 3/4 PANTS M1505391FS 19DownloadDownload
HILLTOP TRAIL PANTS W1505431FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 PANTS M1505491FS 19DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 7/8 PANTS M1505501FS 19DownloadDownload
HILLTOP TRAIL PANTS M1505561FS 19DownloadDownload
JWP PANT M1505641FS 19DownloadDownload
JWP PANT W1505651FS 19DownloadDownload
SAFARI ZIP OFF PANTS K1605871FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET KIDS1607741FS 19DownloadDownload
CAT BAY PANTS KIDS1607781FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS KIDS1607831FS 19DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE XT MEN1806131FS 19DownloadDownload
SIERRA T M1806511FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX MESH HAT1902042FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX SUN HAT1903391FS 19DownloadDownload
EL DORADO BASE CAP1905723FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX ATACAMA HAT WOMEN1905832FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX CANYON CAP1905891FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX CANYON CAP KIDS1905901FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO HAT1906752FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX HIBISCUS CAP WOMEN1906772FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX ROAD TRIP CAP1906781FS 19DownloadDownload
VICTORIA LEAF HAT WOMEN1906802FS 19DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX VENT PRO CAP1907511FS 19DownloadDownload
TROPICAL SCARF BLANKET1907531FS 19DownloadDownload
PORT LINCOLN CAP1907541FS 19DownloadDownload
TERRA TRAIL CAP1907591FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO CAP KIDS1907601FS 19DownloadDownload
LEAF CAP1907661FS 19DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO GAITER1907731FS 19DownloadDownload
VALLEY SHIRT MEN1402111HW 18DownloadDownload
BOW VALLEY SHIRT1402541HW 18DownloadDownload
RED RIVER SHIRT1402551HW 18DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE SKY WOMEN1504381HW 18DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE SKY MEN1504551HW 18DownloadDownload
VARGEN LONGSLEEVE KIDS1607561HW 18DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE JACKET WOMEN1705103HW 18DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE JACKET MEN1706602HW 18DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE XT MEN1806131HW 18DownloadDownload
WHITE ROCK 30 PRO PACK2005691HW 17DownloadDownload
WHITE ROCK 16 PRO PACK2005701HW 17DownloadDownload
VENT PRO CAP19222FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET W1305961FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET M1305991FS 20DownloadDownload
SENEGAL JACKET W1306361FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE SAFARI JACKET M1306381FS 20DownloadDownload
RAYS STRETCH VENT SHIRT MEN1401552FS 20DownloadDownload
CENTAURA SHIRT W1401623FS 20DownloadDownload
CENTAURA FLEX SHIRT W1401922FS 20DownloadDownload
RAYS FLEX SHIRT M1401932FS 20DownloadDownload
NAPO RIVER SHIRT1402302FS 20DownloadDownload
SONORA SHIRT W1402382FS 20DownloadDownload
ATACAMA ROLL-UP SHIRT1402431FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE ROLL-UP SHIRT M1402822FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE ROLL-UP SHIRT W1403092FS 20DownloadDownload
MATATA PRINT SHIRT W1403131FS 20DownloadDownload
KWANDO RIVER SHIRT M1403181FS 20DownloadDownload
KENOVO LS SHIRT M1403191FS 20DownloadDownload
MATATA SHIRT W1403251FS 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF WOMEN1500696FS 20DownloadDownload
KALAHARI SKORT1502914FS 20DownloadDownload
KALAHARI 3/4 PANTS WOMEN1503302FS 20DownloadDownload
MARRAKECH ZIP OFF PANTS1503642FS 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 PANTS1503721FS 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF MEN1503742FS 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT MEN1503772FS 20DownloadDownload
HOGGAR SHORTS1503781FS 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT PANTS WOMEN1503842FS 20DownloadDownload
CANYON ZIP OFF PANTS1504191FS 20DownloadDownload
CANYON CARGO SHORTS1504201FS 20DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY SHORTS MEN1504741FS 20DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY PANTS MEN1504871FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS W1505252FS 20DownloadDownload
DESERT ROLL-UP PANTS W1505281FS 20DownloadDownload
DESERT PARK DRESS1505351FS 20DownloadDownload
SENEGAL PANTS W1505831FS 20DownloadDownload
SENEGAL SKIRT1505851FS 20DownloadDownload
MATATA DRESS1505871FS 20DownloadDownload
DELTA PANTS M1505941FS 20DownloadDownload
DELTA SHORTS M1505961FS 20DownloadDownload
JWP SHORTS M1505971FS 20DownloadDownload
DELTA PANTS W1506031FS 20DownloadDownload
365 JAX PANT M1506051FS 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND ZIP AWAY M1506111FS 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND PANTS M1506121FS 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND ZIP AWAY W1506131FS 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND PANTS W1506141FS 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND SHORTS M1506151FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE DRESS1506311FS 20DownloadDownload
SAFARI ZIP OFF PANTS K1605871FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS KIDS1607832FS 20DownloadDownload
TREASURE HUNTER PANTS KIDS1608381FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE SHIRT KIDS1608431FS 20DownloadDownload
JWP DYNAMIC M1708611FS 20DownloadDownload
JWP DYNAMIC W1708621FS 20DownloadDownload
HYDRO HOODED LIGHT JACKET M1708631FS 20DownloadDownload
HYDRO HOODED LIGHT JACKET W1708651FS 20DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE XT MEN1806131FS 20DownloadDownload
SIERRA T M1806511FS 20DownloadDownload
NARROWS T M1807351FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX MESH HAT1902042FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX SUN HAT1903391FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX ATACAMA HAT WOMEN1905832FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX CANYON CAP1905891FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX CANYON CAP KIDS1905901FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO HAT1906752FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX ROAD TRIP CAP1906781FS 20DownloadDownload
HUNTINGTON CAP1907552FS 20DownloadDownload
TERRA TRAIL CAP1907591FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO CAP KIDS1907601FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO CAP1908381FS 20DownloadDownload
SONORA CAP1908441FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX SAFARI HAT KIDS1908621FS 20DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS M1505372FS 20DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY 3/4 PANTS M1505391FS 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 PANTS M1505491FS 20DownloadDownload
JWP PANT M1505641FS 20DownloadDownload
JWP PANT W1505651FS 20DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX KALAHARI CAP WOMEN1908411FS 20DownloadDownload
CENTAURA FLEX SHIRT W1401922HW 20DownloadDownload
RAYS FLEX SHIRT M1401932HW 20DownloadDownload
RED RIVER SHIRT1402551HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP LS SHIRT M1403072HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP LS SHIRT W1403082HW 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE SKY XT PANTS W1505441HW 20DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE SKY XT PANTS M1505481HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP PANT M1505641HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP PANT W1505651HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP SHORTS M1505971HW 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND ZIP AWAY M1506111HW 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND ZIP AWAY W1506131HW 20DownloadDownload
OVERLAND II PANTS M1506341HW 20DownloadDownload
VARGEN LONGSLEEVE KIDS1608212HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP DYNAMIC M1708611HW 20DownloadDownload
JWP DYNAMIC W1708621HW 20DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE XT MEN1806131HW 20DownloadDownload
VENT PRO CAP19222FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET W1305961FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE JACKET M1305991FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE SAFARI JACKET M1306381FS 21DownloadDownload
RAYS STRETCH VENT SHIRT MEN1401552FS 21DownloadDownload
CENTAURA SHIRT W1401623FS 21DownloadDownload
RAYS FLEX SHIRT M1401932FS 21DownloadDownload
ATACAMA ROLL-UP SHIRT1402431FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE ROLL-UP SHIRT M1402822FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE ROLL-UP SHIRT W1403092FS 21DownloadDownload
KWANDO RIVER SHIRT M1403181FS 21DownloadDownload
KENOVO LS SHIRT M1403191FS 21DownloadDownload
SOUTH PORT SHIRT W1403391FS 21DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF WOMEN1500696FS 21DownloadDownload
KALAHARI SKORT1502914FS 21DownloadDownload
KALAHARI 3/4 PANTS WOMEN1503302FS 21DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 PANTS1503721FS 21DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF MEN1503742FS 21DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT MEN1503772FS 21DownloadDownload
HOGGAR SHORTS1503781FS 21DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT PANTS WOMEN1503842FS 21DownloadDownload
CANYON ZIP OFF PANTS1504191FS 21DownloadDownload
CANYON CARGO SHORTS1504201FS 21DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY SHORTS MEN1504741FS 21DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY PANTS MEN1504871FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS W1505252FS 21DownloadDownload
DESERT ROLL-UP PANTS W1505281FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS M1505372FS 21DownloadDownload
DESERT VALLEY 3/4 PANTS M1505391FS 21DownloadDownload
ACTIVATE LIGHT 3/4 PANTS M1505491FS 21DownloadDownload
JWP PANT M1505641FS 21DownloadDownload
JWP PANT W1505651FS 21DownloadDownload
SENEGAL PANTS W1505831FS 21DownloadDownload
SENEGAL SKIRT1505851FS 21DownloadDownload
JWP SHORTS M1505971FS 21DownloadDownload
OVERLAND ZIP AWAY M1506111FS 21DownloadDownload
OVERLAND PANTS M1506121FS 21DownloadDownload
OVERLAND ZIP AWAY W1506131FS 21DownloadDownload
OVERLAND PANTS W1506141FS 21DownloadDownload
OVERLAND SHORTS M1506151FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE DRESS1506311FS 21DownloadDownload
GRADIENT PANT M1506691FS 21DownloadDownload
SAFARI ZIP OFF PANTS K1605871FS 21DownloadDownload
TURBULENCE GIRLS1606384FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE PANTS KIDS1607832FS 21DownloadDownload
TREASURE HUNTER PANTS KIDS1608381FS 21DownloadDownload
JWP DYNAMIC M1708611FS 21DownloadDownload
JWP DYNAMIC W1708621FS 21DownloadDownload
HYDROPORE XT MEN1806131FS 21DownloadDownload
NARROWS T M1807351FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX MESH HAT1902042FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX SUN HAT1903391FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX ATACAMA HAT WOMEN1905832FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX CANYON CAP1905891FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX CANYON CAP KIDS1905901FS 21DownloadDownload
LAKESIDE MOSQUITO HAT1906752FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX ROAD TRIP CAP1906781FS 21DownloadDownload
HUNTINGTON CAP1907552FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX VENT BUCKET1909321FS 21DownloadDownload
SUPPLEX AT HOME BUCKET KIDS1909491FS 21DownloadDownload
ROTORUA 2 SHORTS M5019251FS 21DownloadDownload
GRADIENT PANT W1506751FS 21DownloadDownload