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Just get out there! Perfect packs for day and weekend tours. You can easily pack away your raincoat, map and provisions here.
Not only will you be able to take all your daily things with you, you can easily find everything thanks to many practical compartments and pockets.
Grab your passport and visit faraway countries! The backpacking packs provide you with plenty of space, intelligent compartments, and are always comfortable to wear. So what are you waiting for? Show the world our space enhancing geniuses.
Cycling fans have a right to get excited: With many details such as a helmet compartment, space for your water bottle and air-permeable back pads, these lightweight packs have been specially designed for outdoor action with mountain bikes etc.
Let's go running! Our sporty running packs are small, lightweight and flexible. In other words: the perfect running partner to enable you to achieve your best performance wherever you are running.
No matter where you find yourself when looking for the perfect picture, you always have a reliable photographic assistant by your side. Cameras and equipment are perfectly protected using these packs, and they can always be taken out with ease too, of course!
So that you don't have to do without your faithful companion, you can keep it well protected in a padded pocket in these packs.
Let’s go and have an adventure! After all, even little fans of the outdoors want to take everything with them. Child-friendly suspension systems and sturdy material mean everyone can join in the fun.
Whether it's for school, nursery or on the playground – the child-friendly suspension system featured on this pack will accompany your little explorers wherever they go.
Keep your balance when it matters: our Alpine packs are made for you to reach the summit! That is why they support you with optimum load control, freedom of movement and by keeping your equipment safely in place when you’re trying to reach the summit or doing winter sports.
You’re on the road for longer? Then you need more space, comfort and a better level of performance: These packs can easily cope with treks lasting several days too.
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