J. & J. Steingässer
J. & J. Steingässer
“It doesn’t matter how, we just want to be in the great outdoors, experience adventure and meet people.”
Jens (photographer/journalist) and Jana (ethnologist/writer of children’s books) are passionate about hiking and canoeing. They travel the world with their four children, showing them what nature has to offer and the effects of climate change. ${team/cta_text_3}
Gürel Sahin
Gürel Sahin
Outdoor, Landscape & Travel Photographer
„To go to your physical limits - while being able to capture unique moments in nature, you can only experience in this one, perfect instant - that’s what makes my job the best job in the world"

Felix Klemme
“Thinking of new things doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to act on them.”
Felix offers functional outdoor fitness courses under the roof of his own company Outdoor Gym in over 25 locations throughout Germany. In addition to this, Felix is well known for his work as an author of various books as well as being a TV presenter. Discover stories
Martyna Wojciechowska
Impossible doesn’t exist
Journalist, explorer, writer, Seven Summits conqueror, first woman in CEE completing Dakar Rally 2002. She travels around the globe to take up such difficult subjects as women empowerment, women rights, human rights or child abuse and presents them in series Woman at the End of the World, which has over 70 episodes and is broadcasted in more than 60 countries around the world. Previously she worked as editor-in-chief of Polish editions of National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines for more than ten years, currently working as editor-in-chief of Travel Channel.
We want you!
We want you!
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