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Here’s the dilemma: it’s 32°C in the shade, the sun is beating down on your balcony, and you suddenly realise that you haven’t watered the plants in three days – sounds familiar? We will tell you why it’s not a good idea – neither for the flowers nor the environment – to reach straight for your watering can, and how you canwater your plants in the most efficient way. The right time of day Water droplets can act like tiny magnifying glasses. This means that leaves and flowers are at real risk of burning beyond repair if you water them during the midday sun. What’s more, at this time of day, the majority of the water will evaporate straightaway, meaning that you have to do your balcony watering rounds more often. The ideal time is during or at sunrise. The ground has had time to cool down overnight and is therefore ready to absorb larger amounts of water. Nowadays, not every morning routine allows enough time to fit in balcony maintenance, so alternatively you can also do this during th
Not just a saviour for the environment: with our tips, you will also save lots of water when caring for your plants and save yourself some money! Photo: Stocksy
“Congratulations! You’ll take part in our #GOBACKPACK Camp Sweden 2019. See you in July 2019!”. I could hardly believe the words I was reading. In fact, it was only when my travel buddy Sophia and I were actually on the way to Stockholm to start our 2019 backpacking adventure that it really sunk in. I will tell you about the experience now. “I’m guessing you’re here for the camp too?” – leaning against their decked out van sporting Bergwelten and #GOBACKPACK lettering, it was clear that Laura and Robert would be takin
Great experience: Strangers become friends at the #GOBACKPACK Camp.
The ultimate way to travel! It’s flexible, adventurous, romantic, simple and ‘back to the roots’: camping means being that little bit closer to nature. Whether you’re in the mountains, at the seaside or in the forest: camping holidays have something for both young and old. Everyone? Even nature itself? Camping in the countryside is unfortunatelynot exactly a sustainable activity per se. That’s why we’re giving you tips on how to make it more so! Where there’s a will, there’s a way Your holiday starts when the journey
Up close and personal with nature – but in touch with sustainability too? With our tips, your camping experience will be a truly green affair.
Staying in a mini house brings independence, minimal costs and in most cases a small carbon footprint. Considering the lack of living space and the general scarcity of resources on our planet, this is a real bonus. But is it realistic to spend your holiday staying in accommodation that is just 20 m² including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room? Try it out and plan your next holiday in a Tiny House, tree house or go glamping. We’ll show you where you can try out how minimalist living in a small sp
You are nature – Urnatur in Sweden is the perfect place for a break away from civilisation. Image
+ 2. You will find everything you need in the smallest of spaces... including a veranda and rocking chair. images
Marshmallows by the campfire, adventurous walks through the forest, and having fun bathing in the lake ... Going camping as a family is a real adventure. It goes without saying that having fun together is the most important thing, but having the chance to wind down and relax should also not be neglected, especially for the parents. We’ll give you a few pointers on how to make sure that your next holiday will be one to remember for everyone. Being well prepared is half the battle As is so often the case,
Camping with the entire family is fun for all and brings everyone together.