Everyday Performance! Show who you are – 24/7/365.

    Your life motto: Do it big. Do it right. And do it with style! You’re always living in the moment. Always keep an open mind and are always good to go on a last minute trip. Enjoying every minute, always eager to start a new day - 365 days a year. When you're on the road, the streets are your gym and the city is your playground. Your style is your statement. That's why we brought style and performance together for you - in our brand new 365 Collection.

    Exertion? That’s not really a word in your vocabulary - for you, there's only adrenaline. You always bring your A-game. Whether it’s for outdoor sports or a spontaneous, action-packed trip with your buddies. No matter where you are or what you do, you never see limits, you only see your freedom. We designed 365 for guys like you. Our new product range offers you the freedom to do exactly what you want.

    Let’s start with our INFLUENCER JACKET, for example. It is made for trendsetters. If you like bold style, this hardshell jacket is perfect for you. Full mobility meets state-of the-art weather protection technology. And the stand-out design with colour blocking and large flap pockets is most certainly an eye-catcher.

    You are looking for an urban all-rounder? Look no further, with the TWENTYFOURSEVEN JACKET we have the jacket to match. Its sporty look goes well with any outfit and, thanks to many practical details, you can effortlessly switch between out-door adventure and city life at any moment.

    We use our eco-friendly TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE material, made from 100% recycled polyester, for all hardshell jackets of the 365 Collection. It is waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable, so you’ll feel great all day long. But the best part? It has a cotton-like feel, which makes the jackets so comfortable, you will not want to take them off anymore. Ever.

    But of course we know that it’s not jacket weather 365 days a year. That's why we also have a casual sweater ready for you. Trust us, the SPACER has the potential to become an all-time favourite for you. The soft, highly elastic and breathable fabric is ideal for your action-filled day – even if you break into a sweat, the SPACER dries quickly. And with its ultra clean look, it scores high points in the style department as well.


    Got curious? The complete 365 Collection is now available in our online shop: 365 Collection