Winter wonderland: Christmas in a Norwegian mountain hut

by Jack Wolfskin
Einsame Hütte in schneebedeckten Wäldern.

Christmas without the stress and usual hectic rush – is this even possible? "Maybe a change of scenery will do the trick," contemplate the seven members of the Steingässer family before setting off to Norway. They wish to indulge in a tranquil celebration whilst staying in a mountain hut without electricity and running water. Globetrotter and author Jana Steingässer sums up this unique experience for us.

Valuable tips for travelling with children

by Jack Wolfskin

Globetrotter Jana Steingässer regularly explores the world, from Australia to Greenland, from the Alps to South Africa, with her husband and four children. She compellingly describes how you can experience the most beautiful adventures together in a vibrant city, the Arctic wilderness or a sandy desert, and how children benefit from their experiences with foreign cultures. She has summarised for us some essential tips for travelling with children.

An unforgettable trip: my time at the #GOBACKPACK camp

by Jack Wolfskin

Kayaking, climbing, swimming, hiking and having an unbelievable time. I spent a great weekend with like-minded people at the #GOBACKPACK 2019 camp on a secluded island. Find out everything I experienced here.

New Year, New Luck: 5 Resolutions For A Balanced Lifestyle

by Jack Wolfskin
Ein Backpacker sitzt neben seinem Rucksack in den Bergen und schaut in ein Tal herab

The new year is just around the corner. Advent presents the perfect opportunity to reflect back on the events of 2018. What were the real achievements and what could have been done better? Were we happy? What would we have done differently? If you found yourself getting the feeling that everything was a little bit too much during the past year, then we have five great resolutions for you to take on board. These should help you to make sure that you will experience a balanced and happy year in 2019!

Cosiness galore: a cottage getaway

by Jack Wolfskin

Those who take a break in nature are truly happy. A secluded cottage, friends, good food and all the time in the world are sometimes all we need to escape the stress of daily life. Winter is the perfect time to do this with a cottage getaway. It is especially lovely when we feel at home there, despite the seclusion. Here, we will show you how to turn your trip into a cosy, relaxing break.