Outfit of the month

September outfit of the month

by Jack Wolfskin

Yay! Pumpkin soup and autumn walks are just around the corner! Summer is great, no doubt about it, but we are looking forward to the upcoming months too – long hikes (finally) in more comfortable temperatures. And we've got the perfect outfit for you when you decide that the time has come to get out your hiking boots!

OUTFIT of the month december

by Jack Wolfskin

There is no such thing as bad weather, merely wrong clothing – that’s what we think too. Despite snow, drizzle and icy wind we’ll have you wrapped up warm and snug from top to toe. Admittedly, it can be nice to hole up at home too, but it’s only truly cosy when you’ve been for a winter walk in the woods, a day out in the snow or a tour through the city.

Outfit of the Month December

by Jack Wolfskin

Hello December, hello ski season! If you’re one of those people who spends the summer dreaming of snow-covered peaks and challenging pistes, now is the time for you to get in the holiday mood! That’s why we’ve put together a December outfit that will set the hearts of all powder snow enthusiasts and cross-country skiing queens racing.

Outfit of the month march

by Jack Wolfskin
Woman is sitting on boat with river and stone landscape in the background

Even if the weather doesn’t always play along, spring is just around the corner! Time to put your warm jackets to the back of the cupboard and get yourself sorted with a new summer outfit – after all, it won’t be long until the sun starts to come out again!

Stand together for better working conditions in Myanmar!

by Jack Wolfskin

Sure, Jack Wolfskin, Salewa and VAUDE may compete when it comes to market share, but when it comes to improving the working conditions in our manufacturing countries, we stand united. It’s true what they say: we are stronger together!