Boost your immune system. Our tips for the winter

by Jack Wolfskin
Hand presst Orange aus im Loop

The first month of 2020 is almost over but it will, unfortunately, be a while before spring and the milder temperatures arrive. It doesn’t take much to stay fit and healthy for the rest of the winter, though. Read on to discover how to give your immune system that extra boost for the home stretch.

In need of inspiration? We’ll help you find that perfect gift

by Jack Wolfskin
Festlich beleuchtetes Dorf am Fuße schneebedeckter Hügel

Are you one of those people who already know in April what they intend buying friends and relatives for Christmas? Great! If not, then you will slowly but surely begin thinking of how you can give your nearest and dearest something they’ve been longing for, without having to leave the comfort of your couch. We have put on our thinking caps, in order to make your search as easy as possible. Our gift finder is sure to contain something for everyone – no matter whether they are into such topics as sustainability, hiking, fitness or travel – we have the perfect match ready and waiting.

Sharing is caring

by Jack Wolfskin

The drill has been stuck down in the basement ever since you moved in. The car spends most of the time in the garage. Any food left in the fridge unfortunately has to be thrown away before you go on holiday. Know the feeling? But maybe these things can make life easier for others. You don't always need to keep everything just for yourself; you could choose to share it instead or lend it. We have a few ideas from which you can certainly benefit.

Sustainable camping? This is how!

by Jack Wolfskin

The ultimate way to travel! It’s flexible, adventurous, romantic, simple and ‘back to the roots’: camping means being that little bit closer to nature. Whether you’re in the mountains, at the seaside or in the forest: camping holidays have something for both young and old. Everyone? Even nature itself? Camping in the countryside is unfortunatelynot exactly a sustainable activity per se. That’s why we’re giving you tips on how to make it more so!

The eco-friendly watering regime for your balcony

by Jack Wolfskin

Here’s the dilemma: it’s 32°C in the shade, the sun is beating down on your balcony, and you suddenly realise that you haven’t watered the plants in three days – sounds familiar? We will tell you why it’s not a good idea – neither for the flowers nor the environment – to reach straight for your watering can, and how you canwater your plants in the most efficient way.