Back to the roots – hobbies that save energy

    Hobbies make life even more beautiful. In everyday life, the pursuit of a task that some may describe as being pointless not only provides rest and relaxation, but also teaches us a wide range of skills from which we can benefit. For some, this may be parachute jumping, whilst others may gain satisfaction in devoting their time to their very own saltwater aquarium. Beside the cost, these types of activities also consume a significant amount of energy. There is most definitely a more economical way around this, and we have a few suggestions on how you can achieve this.
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    Umgetopfte Pflanzen
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    Cyanotypie von Blattstruktur
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    Back to the roots: baking bread

    It goes without saying you can't do this without investing any energy whatsoever. But you really don't have to give a great deal of effort and you certainly do get a lot back! Whether spelt, wholemeal or baguette: there is nothing like the smell of bread fresh from the oven. What’s more, a real online community has emerged, exchanging the tastiest recipes as well as the best tips and tricks. Some even choose to give their lovingly cultivated sourdough a name or grind the flour themselves – true dedication. Creating something with your own hands that tastes so good is one of the most satisfying feelings. Surely worth giving it a go, don’t you agree?

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    You’ll find me in the garden

    Or on the balcony. Or by my windowsill. You can garden anywhere. From the rubber tree to the allotment garden to the extensive self-sufficient field: digging up soil and taking care of plants gives us a feeling that is difficult to describe. It suffices to say that coming into contact with nature has a similar calming effect as stroking a pet, at least for a large number of people. It really can do you the world of good. It’s also a great way of doing your bit for the environment. It improves air quality, makes your garden look nicer and maybe you could even grow your own radishes, which taste especially good on your homemade bread. 

    Schaufel mit Erde
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    Sukkulenten und Kakten auf einem Fensterbrett
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    Cyanotype: taking photos like back in 1842 

    Ever heard of cyanotype? This is a method of developing photos that has been around for years and a great way of producing stylish images. The chemicals used are relatively harmless and you can do most things in normal light. So what are you waiting for? Here you will find step-by-step instructions which explain how easy it is to put your favourite images on paper – for yourself or as a gift idea for your friends. This makes giving presents twice as much fun!

    Blaue Cyanotypie von einer Seenlandschaft
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    Last but not least: hiking

    It doesn’t get any cheaper: just open the door and get on your way. Almost anybody can do it. It goes without saying that this is especially beautiful in the great outdoors when your gaze can wander over the picturesque landscape or you can breathe in the curative forest air. However, even the walk to work or exploring your home town holds surprises in store if you make the effort to pay attention to your surroundings. Step by step, you can leave your big and small everyday worries behind you. The way we see it, this is just as good as yoga – maybe even better because it costs you practically nothing!

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