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The sharing economy is on the rise: we are sharing cars and bikes in the city and opting to stream films online rather than buy DVDs. For the up-and-coming generation, it is not all about hoarding as many items as possible. On the contrary, many are starting to realise how much of a burden it is owning so many things. We want to cut down! And this is true not only for material objects, but also for life in general. We can definitely learn a thing or two from the most popular new year’s resolutions: to work less, cut down on stress levels and waste less time on unimportant things. We have identified a few pointers which you can keep in mind in order to get more out of less! Image: Unsplash Write Down Your goals According to studies, it is much more likely that you will achieve your goals if you actually write them down. This is why it is worth considering your top priorities on a quarterly basis. What do you want to achieve by when? What do you need to achieve it? You can note down these goals aimed at decluttering your life, such as, getting rid of extra clothes in your wardrobe or
Ein Designelement in Form einer Katze steht neben einer Zimmerpflanze auf einem weißen Regal
Remember, in 2019 less is more!
Eine Frau sitzt auf einem Stuhl mit einer Tasse Tee in der Hand.
People who have less belongings often enjoy a more balanced and relaxed lifestyle.
Ein graues Sofa steht vor einer weißen Wand.
This year ask yourself which things really belong in your life.
The new year has only just begun and are you already dreaming of what adventures you could experience when travelling the world? Before your next big trip, you can find plenty of inspiration for places you are planning to travel to by watching fantastic nature documentaries. After all, the next trip is just around the corner. Here is a selection of some of the best films that will really take you
Zwei Menschen auf dem Sofa mit einer Schale Popcorn
Popcorn at the ready! Sit back and let your movie night turn into a travel adventure.
Kaiserpinguine stehen vor einer Berglandschaft in der Antarktis
The emperor penguins appear almost human in “March of the Penguins”.
Eine Luftaufnahme eines Wasserfalls im Regenwald
There’s more going on here than meets the eye. The rainforest is a fascinating ecosystem filled with undiscovered mysteries.
A white and expansive winter landscape rushes past you, the wind whistles in your ears, you experience an indescribable feeling of freedom ... Lapland, an area of untouched nature, is one of Europe’s most magical places – and it’s no coincidence tha
Zwei Männer in Winterausrüstung fahren auf einem Hundeschlitten durch verschneite Landschaften
Not for the faint-hearted: dog-sledging is the perfect adventure in the winter!
Once you start travelling, you want to do so more and more and discover places even further away. And most of this travelling involves jumping on a plane. The downside is that the emissions thereby produced are very damaging for the environment. What’s more, around 80% of travel to developing and emerging countries is organised by international tour operators, who then make a profit instead of th
Picturesque landscapes, dreamy beaches and fascinating culture. You don’t have to travel half way round the world to experience these pleasures. You can find exotic destinations in Europe too. We have a few ideas for you aimed not only at saving CO₂, but also time and money. Fascinating national parks Croatia vs Australia Image 1: Stocksy, Image 2: Unsplash Heavenly river landscapes, canyon-like gorges and gentle green slopes. You don’t have to fly to Australia to experience these spectacles of nature, even though Kakadu National Park located in the state of Northern Territory is very much worth a visit. The Croatian national park Krka is just as beautiful, and a lot closer. When hiking through the park, you will notice that the river that gives the park its name is the main attraction. The Krka features a total of seven large waterfalls as well as heights of up to 46 m, and winds its way through the plateau via dozens of constrictions and dams, some of which are 100 metres wide. Thes
+ 2. Kakadu National Park in Australia (left) is great, but Croatia offers Krka National Park – an equally beautiful part of the world.