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The best souvenir that we can take home from our travels is always our memories. That’s why travel photography is so important: it helps us reimmerse ourselves in those breathtaking moments and experience them all over again, even when we’re back home. But what’s the difference between a normal holiday photo and an amazing travel shot? How can you take a great photo yourself? Take only memories, leave only footprints. It’s not to say that typical photos of tourist attractions aren’t beautiful, but most people will have seen them hundreds of times before on postcards or Google. Here are some tricks that will make your photos truly unique so you don’t bore your friends and family with pictures they’ve all seen before when you get back: TIP 1: CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE A tip that’s easy to take on board but nevertheless surprisingly effective. Most photos are taken from chest or eye level. That’s the perspective that we’re most used to. It also comes down to the fact that this is the angle we see things from in everyday life. So what happens if you take a picture from a squatted position? Lying on the ground? Or simply lifting the camera far above your head? You’ll be amazed at how mu
Always be on the look for the most memorable things!
Ein Mann in gelber Jacke fotografiert eine Frau, die auf dem Rücken eines Pferdes sitzt
Pictures with friends are a lot more personal.
New perspective: Don't be just the photographer; get yourself in the shot!
It’s starting to get dark earlier and earlier, temperatures are dropping and the last leaves are falling off the trees... winter isn’t too far away! We’ve put together an outfit for November that’ll be perfect for seeing you through the cold months of the year. What’s the one thing that you can't do without in lousy weather and cold winds? You guessed it – a jacket that reliably protects you against every weather condition. Say hello to our RICHMOND jacket! The windproof down jacket featuring a quilted l

There are certain books and films that just fill us with a unique and delightful feeling of wanderlust. When we read about great explorers or see distant landscapes on our screen, we get an inevitable desire to set off on our next adventure ourselves – we discover foreign countries and cultures from the comfort of our sofa and start making exciting travel plans! What's more, you can follow the same path as other courageous travellers and tag alo

It bubbles, hisses and spits all over the ground. The pungent smell of sulphur really hits the nose. We are in Iceland, exploring a landscape full of contrasts by foot. The small town of Hveragerdi is our first stop. This part of the world has so m
Once you’ve caught the Canada bug you won’t be able to shake it off! And what’s more? Not only is the scenery in Canada breathtakingly beautiful with the naked eye, it’s a great place for taking photos too. Perfect for those on the hunt for a profil
Canada's beautiful scenery is a great place for taking photos!