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Hello December, hello ski season! If you’re one of those people who spends the summer dreaming of snow-covered peaks and challenging pistes, now is the time for you to get in the holiday mood! That’s why we’ve put together a December outfit that will set the hearts of all powder snow enthusiasts and cross-country skiing queens racing. Of course, there’s one thing no winter sports outfit can do without: a variety of functions which ensure that the cold and wet don’t stand a chance of ruining your fun on the slopes. We’ve developed our EXOLIGHT RANGE JACKET to ensure that you can enjoy the whole day on the piste. This jacket, especially made for snow sports, is a hardshell and softshell in one. Does that sound contradictory? Well it’s not! Our innovative TEXAPORE SOFTSHELL INFINITY HYPROOF is literally a material of extremes – extremely waterproof, extremely breathable and extremely comfortable. And we’ve got all the details covered too. The high collar reaches right up under your nose and keeps your neck warm even at icy temperatures, but thanks to the small air holes you can still
Our outfit for the ski season.
“Get yourself out in the fresh air!” was the typical advice given from grandma when we didn’t feel well as children. Japanese researchers have long since realised that there is truth behind this advice. A visit to the forest is unbelievably relaxing – something that everyone who has been on a forest walk knows. Your daily stresses take a back seat and a feeling of freedom takes over. Emotions li
+ 2. The forest has an almost mystical power.
Wald im Nebel beim Sonnenaufgang
The forest is a real wonder of nature – and healthier than you may think!
Every big change starts with something small. Sometimes there are issues that are so complex, that you don’t even know where to start. For example, the problem of global warming and environmental protection. We love our earth and want to live in the
Fabric instead of plastic: if you always have a tote bag with you for your shopping, then you will save on using annoying plastic bags.
Undisturbed landscapes, untouched nature – that is the great joy of fans of the outdoors. Who doesn’t love to be far away from the constant buzz of the city and the stress of everyday life in a deserted natural landscape and find their next adventure? Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming strain we have put on our ecosystem over the past few decades, it will take a considerable amount of care an
Eating fast food now and then isn’t a problem – but even then you can be conscious of using sustainably produced packaging such as paper trays instead of polystyrene or aluminium boxes.
Jemand steht in der Küche und schneidet frisches Gemüse
The fresher, the better. When you purchase regional fruit and vegetables without packaging at the weekly market, it is not only healthier, but also particularly sustainable.
You can truly be yourself when you’re hiking. It is one of the most popular sports and also good for your body, mind and soul. Your feet reliably carry you on long treks along kilometre-long paths – but they need a little support. The correct shoe is essential so that you can fully enjoy your hike without any limitations – here, we will let you know how to find the perfect model! Whatever you do, your shoe does too You can tell a good shoe by whether it suits your individual requirements perfectly. At Jack Wolfskin, we categorise shoes into three groups: multifunctional, hiking and trekking, so you can choose your footwear based on what altitude you will be doing your activities at, what conditions you will be hiking in, how far your route is and how often you will be on the go. Are you just looking for something for relaxed day tours? For low mountain ranges with an ascent up to the tree line? Or do you have a mountain hike planned in the high mountains? Whatever you have planned, we
Hiking is a unique experience – at least, when your shoes aren’t rubbing.