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Sun cream, an ice lolly and a cool drink. Summer and swimming pool fun go hand in hand. Jumping into cold waters is even sweeter when you’re surrounded by nature, rather than dozens of other people in an overcrowded public pool. But whether you’re in a bathing lake, river or the sea: you should always pay attention to certain things when swimming in open waters – not all enticing bodies of water are safe. We will give you some tips on how to stay safe! THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT As great as it may look, there is some water that you should steer clear of to prevent seemingly harmless fun turning into trouble. Canals, locks and rivers in the inner city with no explicit bathing areas signposted are to be avoided at all costs. You should also refrain from swimming in water with a high tide: when the tide goes back out, strong currents are created that are difficult to predict in advance. If still water has a blue-green sheen to it, then that is a sign of algae – something that is preferable f
Jumping into cold waters – a natural setting is one thousand times more appealing than a public pool!
Sommer outfit for girls
Hopping out of bed at 6 a.m. to do a lap around the park during summer? Why not! However, when days start to get darker and the temperature begins to drop, it becomes exceedingly difficult to ignore that inner voice telling you “just five more minutes in bed?”. To help you stay fit in winter and so you don’t have to miss out on your workout in the great outdoors, we have launched our Athletic Outdoor collection: ultra-functional styles which give you an extra portion of motivation and ensure that no wind or bad weather
Warming up before exercise is a must. Felix demonstrates an exercise to stretch the gluteus
Improve your balance and stay poised
A safe bet or a real adventure? It goes without saying that you are guaranteed to experience everything you set out to see if you stick to a classic travel guide. But far away from the typical tourist routes, you can find many more unusual sights and things you’d never have expected to see. There are three books which reveal some of our planet’s best-kept secrets for those who are drawn to such extraordinary places. UNRULY PLACES In this book, Alastair Bonnett shows that we maybe don’t know our world as well as we so
One of our lightweight products has enjoyed great success in 2018: the SIERRA Trail jacket has won this year’s Outdoor Industry Award in the Clothing category. This prestigious prize is awarded to the most innovative products in the outdoor industry every year. We must admit, we were particularly hoping to secure the top prize this year as we have dedicated years of meticulous development in order to achieve our ambitious goal with this jacket. 100% recycling* – zero waste. 100% recycled*. 100% innovati
Full of secrets, excitement and adventure: there is something new for little explorers to marvel at every few metres when they're in the woods. Ancient, colossal trees, a wild creek, ripe blackberries, and who knows – there may even be a few gnomes and fairies hiding under the heavy branches and moss-covered boulders. A short hike through the woods can turn into a great journey of discovery during which your kid can really let off some steam! Running, climbing, hopping and splashing in puddles: being ou
Children in the forest in front of a wooden hut
With our Jungel Gym collection your children are ready for any adventure!
Children in the woods
At Home Outdoors!