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Norway is one of the happiest countries in the world! According to the World Happiness Report in 2018, it is number 2 in the world ranking – so it’s no wonder that Oslo has become the quickest growing capital city in Europe. Surrounded by beautiful nature, you will find quite a bit of culture here in the young, dynamic and modern city whose cheerful inhabitants make every visit something special. We will show you the 5 must-dos that should not be missed on your city trip to Oslo! WALKING TOUR Exploring a city by foot has always been the best way to really get to know an area and its inhabitants. Walking tours take you to all the important sights: you’ll soon make your way around to the town hall, opera house, national theatre, parliament and much more, and with a local guide you'll also get to hear interesting facts that you would have never got to hear otherwise. Free Tour Oslo even offers free walking tours, and English tours start at 10:00 and 13:00 daily. The guides operating these tours work on the basis of a voluntary donation, so it’s customary to bring some money with you to
Friends walking down a street in Oslo
Wherever you are: it’s best to explore the city by foot!
Discover hip bars and unusual shops in Oslo’s trendy district, Grünerløkka!
It’s something that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime: an enchanting natural spectacle can be found in the midnight sky in the far north, above the polar circle at icy latitudes. Once the sun goes down, the brilliant Northern Lights illuminate the night and dance through the sky. Even the Vikings acknowledged the great importance of this phenomenon: for them, the appearance of t
t is a truly unique spectacle of nature when the Northern Lights dance in the sky.
Sun cream, an ice lolly and a cool drink. Summer and swimming pool fun go hand in hand. Jumping into cold waters is even sweeter when you’re surrounded by nature, rather than dozens of other people in an overcrowded public pool. But whether you’re i
Jumping into cold waters – a natural setting is one thousand times more appealing than a public pool!
Hopping out of bed at 6 a.m. to do a lap around the park during summer? Why not! However, when days start to get darker and the temperature begins to drop, it becomes exceedingly difficult to ignore that inner voice telling you “just five more minutes in bed?”. To help you stay fit in winter and so you don’t have to miss out on your workout in the great outdoors, we have launched our Athletic Out
Warming up before exercise is a must. Felix demonstrates an exercise to stretch the gluteus
Improve your balance and stay poised
Lunges – the alternative to squats
A safe bet or a real adventure? It goes without saying that you are guaranteed to experience everything you set out to see if you stick to a classic travel guide. But far away from the typical tourist routes, you can find many more unusual sights and things you’d never have expected to see. There are three books which reveal some of our planet’s best-kept secrets for those who are drawn to such extraordinary places. UNRULY PLACES In this book, Alastair Bonnett shows that we maybe don’t know our world as well as we sometimes think we do: ancient labyrinths, lost cities, islands that appear on every map but can never be found in reality – this book takes you to magical places that you could never even dream of. These places are guaranteed to make you want to go exploring yourself. ATLAS OBSCURA Why has there been a ladder on the sill of a church in Jerusalem for years? Atlas Obscura is full of tales of bizarre, unexpected and enchanted places. It shows us that captivating sensations c