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They snack on our jam sandwiches and are part of the soundtrack to our summer whilst we enjoy a coffee under the apple tree: bees are the industrious workers who provide us with new flowers in spring and a rich harvest in the autumn time. Unfortunately, conditions aren't so favourable for them at the moment: Conventional agriculture, our careless approach to the environment and climate change have led to a worrying global bee mortality rate. We need to do something urgently to reverse this trend! In 2007, 90% of wild bee colonies in the USA disappeared, and in the Middle East the bee population has recently declined by 85%. Furthermore, in Europe, 53% of all wild bees died in recent winters. This has been the result of several factors. On the one hand, modern agriculture leads to the development of monocultures which, in turn, leads to bees suffering from a food supply which isn’t as varied as it should be. Just like us, they also need a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. Another
Nahaufnahme einiger Bienen im Anflug auf ihren Stock
Bees are amongst the most important creatures in our ecosystem and therefore need to be protected. Photo: Unsplash
Auf einem Tusch stehen Honig, Brot, eine Tasse Tee und ein Messer. Aufnahme aus der Vogelperspektive.
Make sure that the honey in your honey bread comes from sustainable and ethologically sound beekeeping. Photo: Unsplash
Don’t want to have to choose between the city and the great outdoors? Interested in a different kind of city trip? Then we’ve got just the thing for you: island hopping in the Stockholm archipelago. Home to 24,000 islands, it is the largest archipelago in Sweden and is located directly on the outskirts of Stockholm. We'll tell you how to make the most out of an island-hopping adventure. ARRIVAL AND MAKING YOUR WAY AROUND The best place to start is of course Stockholm. If you have a little more time, you can decide not
Eine Luftaufnahme der Inseln des Stockholmer Schärengartens
Nordic paradise: the Swedish archipelago offers you the chance to relax and enjoy breathtaking scenery.
Jemand fährt mit einem gelben Kayak durchs Wasser zwischen den Stockholmer Inseln
Sports enthusiasts can also kayak between the islands.
Good music, good weather and a great atmosphere. It seems like we don’t have a worry in the world when dancing the night away with our friends and camping out underneath the clear night sky. However, this scenario isn't as rosy as it seems. Festivals generate rubbish and require the use of so many resources, meaning that they can cause lasting damage to the environment. The solution is to attend events that are geared towards protecting the environment. We know exactly when and where you’ll find these! Flow Festival in
Eine Frau sitzt auf den Schultern eines Freundes und feiert
Good vibes guaranteed: these tips will make your festival summer a unique and environmentally friendly experience! Photo: Unsplash
Die Sustainable Crew läuft über das Gelände des Flow Festivals Helsinki
Nordic and sustainable: Flow Festival in Helsinki. Instagram: @flowfestivalhelsinki
It’s time for your next backpacking trip. The anticipation is building, you’re excited about what’s coming – unknown countries, new cultures, or otherwise our #GOBACKPACK CAMP in Sweden will get your adventurer’s heart beating even faster. But when it comes topacking, you stand in front of your empty pack and don't really know where to start. We know how you feel! That's why we have a packing list for you to remind you of all the essentials and ensure you won't leave anything important at home. We also a
Zwei Backpacker liegen müde auf ihren Rucksäcken und lachen
Backpacking means freedom and independence - after all, you carry everything you need on your back!
Ein Zelt steht am Ufer eines stillen Sees bei Sonnenaufgang
With a tent and a sleeping bag, everywhere can feel like home...
Eine junge Frau sitzt in ihrem Schlafsack am See und trinkt ein Heißgetränk aus einer Tasse
...and nature is your living room.
Whether lakes, forests, mountains or coffee and cinnamon swirls: Sweden simply has everything our backpacker hearts desire. This is exactly why it is our favourite destination and the location of our #GOBACKPACK CAMP! Whether you feel like a city trip, adventure holiday or simply some time outdoors, everything is possible in Sweden. Here you’ll find the most beautiful routes and must-sees! CITY TRAVEL: DISCOVER SWEDEN’S CITIES For anyone who likes to get lost in the city's winding streets, watch the hust
Blick auf die grüne Berglandschaft des Kungsleden Wanderwegs in Schweden
A hike on the Kungsleden offers unique views.
Nahaufnahme eines Elchs
At Orrviekn Moose Garden you can get right up close to the elks.
Blick auf Malmö vom Hafen aus
Beautiful Malmö is the perfect starting point for a successful city trip.