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When you hear the words “world premiere” the first thought that comes to mind is one of red carpets and seeing all the stars in fancy dresses. What certainly doesn't spring to mind is waste. Well there’s an exception to that now – the world premiere of our Sierra Pass jacket from the Texapore Ecosphere collection. This hardshell weatherproof jacket from the new spring/summer collection 2018 is manufactured largely using recycled PET bottles, with the membrane being made of remnants. And you know what? That’s exactly why this jacket is a real star, of which we’re exceedingly proud! It has already won a prize: the Outdoor Industry Award 2017. Excellent material made using very few raw materials. “We are both nature lovers and employees of an outdoor brand. We feel it is our duty and also a challenge to develop apparel that is characterised by being manufactured with the most careful use of our resources,” said Daniele Grasso, Director of Apparel and Head of the Jack Wolfskin Design Team. “We hope to promote recycling and use intelligent technology to give impetus to the trend towards a conscious and conservative relationship with nature.” Bring out the bottles! Daniele and his team
Two men with Satellite 22 Pack and Crosser 26 Pack
The children looked at us with long faces, disappointment etched in their eyes – yet another Christmas without snow. But sometimes good things happen completely by chance – this time it was an invitation from our friend Sylke. “Shall we celebrate New Year’s Eve together this year?” It didn’t take long to convince us – we packed our winter sleeping bags right away, some winter clothes, sledges, boards and skis and set off to Allgäu. “Snowstorm. Don’t know if you’ll make it to my house”, Sylke messaged us,
Kids pull their sleds up the hill.
Boy with snowboard sits in the snow.
Boy on a sled.
This year really couldn’t have got off to a better start: THE STORM SHELL jacket from our TECH LAB collection, Winter 2018, won the highly coveted GOLD WINNER AWARD in the “urban outer layer 3L” category at the ISPO in Munich. The ISPO AWARD Every year, outstanding products from the sports and outdoor industries are awarded the ISPO award. An independent expert panel reviews hundreds of applications in the main categories of innovation, design and function. The ISPO award is considered internationally as a pioneering i
We’re starting the new season with a real fashion sensation: we will be presenting an exclusive capsule collection from our Wolfskin TECH LAB design line during the big Gianni Versace Retrospective exhibition in Berlin. The focus of the design is th
Frau trägt JACK WOLFSKIN TechLab Jacke.
Brrrr... it’s still so cold outside! Today, we would like to introduce a completely different side of the cold winter months to those who no longer wish to hide under their duvet whilst waiting for the winter to pass. Surprisingly, it has nothing to