Winter wonderland: Christmas in a Norwegian mountain hut

by Jack Wolfskin
Einsame Hütte in schneebedeckten Wäldern.

Christmas without the stress and usual hectic rush – is this even possible? "Maybe a change of scenery will do the trick," contemplate the seven members of the Steingässer family before setting off to Norway. They wish to indulge in a tranquil celebration whilst staying in a mountain hut without electricity and running water. Globetrotter and author Jana Steingässer sums up this unique experience for us.

In need of inspiration? We’ll help you find that perfect gift

by Jack Wolfskin
Festlich beleuchtetes Dorf am Fuße schneebedeckter Hügel

Are you one of those people who already know in April what they intend buying friends and relatives for Christmas? Great! If not, then you will slowly but surely begin thinking of how you can give your nearest and dearest something they’ve been longing for, without having to leave the comfort of your couch. We have put on our thinking caps, in order to make your search as easy as possible. Our gift finder is sure to contain something for everyone – no matter whether they are into such topics as sustainability, hiking, fitness or travel – we have the perfect match ready and waiting.

Once in a lifetime: Nepal

by Jack Wolfskin
Berglandschaft im Himalaya

With breathtaking mountain backdrops, unique eight thousanders and spectacular trekking trails, there’s nothing quite like a trip to Nepal, where unrivalled natural wonders and remarkable cultural highlights await you at every turn. Hiking in the Himalayas is on every high-altitude hiker’s bucket list, and we have all the tips you need for planning your journey and making the most of your time here, plus you can read about three tours that will just make you want to grab that backpack, lace up your boots and get out there!

Get fit this winter

by Jack Wolfskin

Top exercise tips from Felix Klemme for an effective winter workout

Hiking on the Canary Islands

by Jack Wolfskin
Frau mit roter Mütze guckt auf Vulkanlandschaft

Are you more of a “long sandy beach” or “challenging summit” person when it comes to walking? Good news – you will find both on the Canaries. You don’t have to take a long-distance flight to get away and soak up the sun during the autumn and winter months. Mild temperatures and a fresh sea breeze await you on the archipelago close to the Moroccan coast. We will show you some of the breathtaking diversity!