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Sweden is well worth a visit. It’s home to happy residents and is the birthplace of the furniture that features in all of our homes. These are the things that we already know about our Scandinavian neighbours. However, there is so much more to discover in Sweden! There is a blossoming hipster culturemade up of young and creative people that thrives in the capital city Stockholm – already far ahead of us in terms of minimalism, sustainability and digitalisation. Reason enough to stop by on your next city trip and get a picture of modern Sweden for yourself! How to get to stockholm The easiest and quickest way is, of course, to fly to Stockholm. There are direct flights from all major UK airports which take less than three hours. Then, you can get to the city centre bytrain or bus. Public transport is well organised, reliable and relatively cheap, whilst taxis will quickly set you back over 50 euros. If you have a bit more time on your hands, you could travel to Malmö or Gothenburg and
Ein Mann steht mit Kopfhöhrern auf dem Kopf lächelnd in der U-Bahn
Young people with modern attitudes: that is Stockholm too!
Der Blick auf eine Kirche in Stockholm
Stockholm doesn’t look like a big city at all – it is best discovered without any fixed itinerary by simply wandering through the narrow streets.
Ein Bild der Regenbogen-Streetart in der U-Bahn
You can even find artistic design in the public transport here.
It is in our nature to want to continually improve ourselves. Now and then, however, we need to take a break and ask ourselves where productivity stops and stress begins. Once again, the Japanese are one step ahead of us: “kaizen” describes a method of efficiently organising your time. And here is the concept is behind it. The 6 Steps of Kaizen The word “kaizen” simply means “improvement” in Japanese, however the term also describes a management methodwhich has long been in place in the successful Japanese economy. It
Jemand hält eine Tasse grünen Tees
Pausing – and reflecting on the important things in life. Photo: Unsplash
Jemand sitzt am Schreibtisch und schaut auf einen leeren Terminkalender
The right organisation makes life so much easier. Photo: Unsplash
No meat, no fish, no eggs, no milk: veganism is one of the hottest nutrition and lifestyle topics at the moment. An ever-increasing number of local vegan restaurants are opening and in every newspaper now there are articles on the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan lifestyle, which completely avoids animal products. What is really behind it? We have delved deeper into the issue and summarised what you need to know about veganism. Whether veganism is for you or not, it is still worth a closer look! Nutrition withou
Eine Frau hält einen Korb gefüllt mit frischem Gemüse
Lots of fruit and vegetables make a vegan diet especially rich in vitamins and minerals.
Nahaufnahme eines Schafsherde
Sheep, pig or cow: animals bring happiness.
White sandy beaches, blue skies, smoothie bowls and bikini photos: if you scroll through Instagram and Facebook you’d be excused for thinking everyone has the perfect life. Today, everyone seems to be striving for perfection and is encouraged to achieve even more immaculate ideals, but does that really make them happy? Studies seem to show the opposite: social media can lead to feelings of resentment as we are always comparing ourselves to other people’s newsfeeds and setting unrealistic expectations for
Ein Monstera-Blatt mit braunen Rändern
Ageing objects have a very special charm about them...
Ein Klappstuhl und ein Tisch aus Holz mit Patina
...and a patina certainly does tell a story.
Ein Stück Treibholz liegt am Ufer eines Sees
The aesthetics of transience can also be found time and time again in nature.
A small Scandinavian islandin the middle of the sea. Blue water, the sunset on the horizon. You're sitting with friends around the campfire whilst singing, laughing and enjoying nature, freedom, happiness ... These are the moments that we go travelling for. This very special community is most commonly created amongst backpackers. After seeing all of you participate in our #GOBACKPACK campaign in such large numbers, we thought it was time for the next big thing. Next stop: Sweden! Do you fancy being part
Eine Girlande aus #GoBackpack-Flaggen weht im Wind zwischen Bäumen
Ready for a new adventure? The next round of #GOBACKPACK is here!
Drei junge Menschen sitzen auf einem Fels am Wasser und genießen die Sonne
Are you ready for the summer of your life?