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One of our lightweight products has enjoyed great success in 2018: the SIERRA Trail jacket has won this year’s Outdoor Industry Award in the Clothing category. This prestigious prize is awarded to the most innovative products in the outdoor industry every year. We must admit, we were particularly hoping to secure the top prize this year as we have dedicated years of meticulous development in order to achieve our ambitious goal with this jacket. 100% recycling* – zero waste. 100% recycled*. 100% innovative. The SIERRA Trail weatherproof jacket is part of our new, 11-piece TEXAPORE Ecosphere collection made from 100% recycled material*. A collection that defies our current “throw-away” culture and is produced in a resource-friendly manner thanks to our intelligent technology – without foregoing its high quality, of course. Everybody is a winner with this product as it not only benefits the environment and our customers, but, as is clear with this award, is a huge success for us too. Th
Full of secrets, excitement and adventure: there is something new for little explorers to marvel at every few metres when they're in the woods. Ancient, colossal trees, a wild creek, ripe blackberries, and who knows – there may even be a few gnomes and fairies hiding under the heavy branches and moss-covered boulders. A short hike through the woods can turn into a great journey of discovery during which your kid can really let off some steam! Running, climbing, hopping and splashing in puddles: being outdoors and expe
Children in the forest in front of a wooden hut
With our Jungel Gym collection your children are ready for any adventure!
Children in the woods
At Home Outdoors!
Even if the weather doesn’t always play along, spring is just around the corner! Time to put your warm jackets to the back of the cupboard and get yourself sorted with a new summer outfit – after all, it won’t be long until the sun starts to come out again! As the name suggests, the INDIAN SPRINGS tunic from our new collection is absolutely perfect for the spring. It’s a true all-rounder made of lyocell and organic cotton and can be worn in many different ways thanks to its longer cut. You can wear it with leggings or
Woman is sitting on boat with river and stone landscape in the background
Our outfit for spring
When you hear the words “world premiere” the first thought that comes to mind is one of red carpets and seeing all the stars in fancy dresses. What certainly doesn't spring to mind is waste. Well there’s an exception to that now – the world premiere of our Sierra Pass jacket from the Texapore Ecosphere collection. This hardshell weatherproof jacket from the new spring/summer collection 2018 is manufactured largely using recycled PET bottles, with the membrane being made of remnants. And you know what? Th
Two men with Satellite 22 Pack and Crosser 26 Pack
The children looked at us with long faces, disappointment etched in their eyes – yet another Christmas without snow. But sometimes good things happen completely by chance – this time it was an invitation from our friend Sylke. “Shall we celebrate New Year’s Eve together this year?” It didn’t take long to convince us – we packed our winter sleeping bags right away, some winter clothes, sledges, boards and skis and set off to Allgäu. “Snowstorm. Don’t know if you’ll make it to my house”, Sylke messaged us,
Kids pull their sleds up the hill.
Boy with snowboard sits in the snow.
Boy on a sled.