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Canada – to the east coast by train

Canada – to the east coast by train

From Montreal to Toronto and then on to the Niagara Falls – we’re taking you on a train journey through vibrant cities and breathtaking winter landscapes. The varied eastern region of Canada is a true paradise for backpackers!

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Canada – a road trip through the Rockies

Canada – a road trip through the Rockies

Experience the Rocky Mountains and Canada's icy winter. 10 friends set off in a camper van on the road trip of a lifetime through the vastness of the Banff National Park. We’ve already got the travel bug!

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Our visit to the country of contrasts: high mountains meet deep canyons. An unforgettable adventure through urban life and nature, different climate and vegetation zones as well as altitude differences of up to 4,000 metres – the stuff our dreams are made of! ;-)

Discover La Paz

Laos – a country with many faces

The French pearl of Asia has also worked its magic on Tobi. Alongside the Laotian-French delicacies, Laos is particularly impressive in terms of its tropical rainforest, lush-green rice fields, magical temples and unforgettable sunsets. The charm of Southeast Asia – we are overwhelmed!

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Pura vida, Costa Rica!

Heavenly beaches, the rainforest, active volcanoes and breathtaking national parks – this is where backpackers' dreams come true! Max took us with him on his journey through Costa Rica! We didn’t think that this small country in Central America had so much to offer

Discover Costa Rica

Yay! Peru!

A dream is coming true for Hannes: finally, he is travelling to Peru and is taking us with him on an adventurous tour, reaching an altitude of up to 6000m. On his way to Peru, he will stop off at the city of Cusco and at Maccu Picchu, and will have a trekking tip through the Andes. His pictures leave us in amazement!

Explore Peru

India – the land of many colours

You can end up falling in love with the country and never coming back – Christine has fallen in love! We were able to experience India first hand, with her rice fields and banana plantations as far as the eye can see. Ancient temples, haggling at the bazaar and cities with charm in abundance – all these things make this unfamiliar country so unbelievable!

Discover India

Morocco – the door to Africa

In addition to the rugged Atlas mountains, you’ll find dream beaches, magical oases and endless expanses of desert! Gürel is fascinated by people and nature. Mountain climbing, camel riding, sandboarding... be inspired by the diversity of the landscape, colours and the magic of the Orient!

Discover Morocco

Chile – 5 countries in one

The south and north of Chile are two different worlds. They are lands of volcanoes, deserts, steppe and beaches – everything that makes a backpacker's heart beat faster is here! The endless expanses of 4200 km long dream landscapes in South America have mesmerised Marisa – she has shared her best moments with us!

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GOBACKPACK with The Brevet

GOBACKPACK with The Brevet

The Brevet is a young American band from sunny Southern California. Passion brought them together, and it defines their music: "We have so many stories to tell! We try to create an environment for listeners to immerse themselves in.”
 Thus the perfect music, for your GOBACKPACK adventure.

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