Canada, the outdoor original

Our trip begins with three sisters – the legendary Three Sisters peaks in Canmore, right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They welcome us in the early morning when it’s around 0°C, bathed completely in red light. What a tremendous way to start the day! We’ve got 2,100 km ahead of us over the next 10 days and will only get to see just a small part of one of these 4,500 km-long mountain ranges. The sheer inconceivable dimensions are possibly the most impressive that you’ll ever experience: a vastness that a European can hardly imagine – but, as we all say, must be experienced. Join us!
Canada, the outdoor original
A motley crew in Canada

A motley crew in Canada

What will happen if a motley crew of ten people aged between 20 and 30 spend ten days touring the Rocky Mountains in Canada? Only the very best things! Unique experiences with nature, for example (“I’ve seen the Alps, but in honesty, the Rockies are no comparison. Everything is much bigger and more pristine”) A wonderfully painted campervan (“It was a great idea to cover the campervan with a film and to paint it step by step during the trip. The result wasn’t only fantastic, we had lots of fun too.”) What else was there? Crazy outdoor activities ... and s’mores. Spoiler alert: you can eat them!

Canada, the outdoor original

“Our temperature record was -15 degrees. Even when the huts and campervan are warm, it’s pretty much impossible without well insulated clothes!”

Lasse, Canada Fan
Canada, the outdoor original

The call for high spirits

In the Rockies, all outdoor dreams come true, even ours. Although we always had to face rain, snow masses, danger of avalanches and blocked roads, it made the trip even more “real”. The girls had a treat on day one as they got to gallop through the mountains on horses with David – a real Canadian cowboy, stuntman and actor – at the Rafter Six Ranch. And what else? A few things like playing hockey with the locals at Lake Louise. That made the boys really happy. There was a campfire in the evenings which was enormous compared to German ones. We end the delicious BBQ with S’mores – a “dessert burger” made from marshmallows and chocolate. Sweet dreams are made of this!

Full up and content, we looked forward to the next few days and what unique nature was in store. Icefalls, Canadian spruce forests as far as the eye can see, canyons, glaciers. It didn’t matter whether we were hiking, skijoring or cross-country skiing: the experiences got better and better. We hope that you’ll get to experience it for yourself soon!


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