April 8, 2019


DownFiber combines the best properties of both filling materials: the insulation of the down with the moisture resistance of the synthetic fibre FIBERCLOUD. This innovation will be used in clothing in the 2015 winter season for the first time.

Downfiber is made up of a combination of 70% down and 30% Fibercloud. The loft depends on which type of down has been used. The filling material is packed loosely into chambers, just like down.

The down used is made water-repellent using a PFC-free treatment, which means that Downfiber continues to insulate even if the filling is made damp by rain or sweat.
Furthermore, it dries quicker, which increases its wicking capability and breathability.

  • Excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Small pack size
  • High heat retention
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Fast-drying
  • Robust and durable

Loft: Measured in cubic inches per ounce (cuin). The loft represents how good a filling material is at re-expanding after being compressed. The higher the cu in number is, the higher the ability of the product to expand again and the better its insulating effect.