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Whether you’re a fan of the city or a wildlife enthusiast, a trip to Canada has something for everyone. You can find everything your adventurous heart desires in the North American country: from turquoise lakes to rugged mountain ranges, impressive waterfalls and exciting cities. We have already been there and have compiled the most important tips and most exciting destinations in Canada for you so that you can definitely add visiting the country to your bucket list! CANADIAN LANDSCAPE AND NATURE It’s no secret that the nature in Canada is breathtakingly beautiful. The variety of landscapes is particularly impressive: you can find everything from beaches to mountains. The Rocky Mountains in western Canada are a real highlight. They offer endless fascinating views, which is why you should make sure to visit one of the two largest national parks when visiting Canada. The Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park and boasts around 6,600 km² of untouched nature. Here, yo
Toronto’s breathtaking skyline
Horseshoe Falls is the Canadian section of Niagara Falls
Trail riding in Canada
Have you already planned your next big trip, but money is a bit tight? If that’s the case, then we have a few tips and tricks that are perhaps not quite so obvious, but that you can use to stretch your travel budget further! Every backpacker knows that hostels are cheaper than hotels and cooking for yourself rather than eating out at a restaurant saves money. But when can you book the cheapest flights and how can you find affordable food when you’ve reached your destination? We’ll provide you with the eight best trick
You can relax after travelling, even in cheap hostels
Comparing prices makes sense for backpackers
Do you get home sweaty after trail running? Do your eyes twinkle at the sight of the mountains and do you long to hit the great outdoors as soon as the weekend arrives? If so, you’re exactly the reason why we write this magazine. No matter whether you like to go hiking in the Harz mountains, go canoeing on the Lahn River, or cross Norway with trekking poles and heavy packs. It’s your adventure – whether it’s big or small. In the handbook, we give you a whole range of tips and tricks for your equipment. How do I clean m
It’s no secret – we love nature, we love being outdoors, and we love challenging workouts. The fresh air, sunshine, rain and wind on your skin are important stimuli for your immune system and the perfect energy boosters for your body! The new ATHLETIC OUTDOOR range is targeted at those who prefer to train in the great outdoors. And to ensure that the collection meets the requirements of outdoor fitness fans, we have worked with an undisputed expert in outdoor training: Felix Klemme is not only a well-kn
Felix Klemme - Founder of Outdoor Gym
There’s no doubt about it – backpacking in the rainforest is a magnificent adventure. But if we’re being honest, we spend most of our time in the urban jungle. That’s why we have developed robust and stylish products for sport and everyday use with our WOOL TECH series: the practical models in different sizes are perfect for an active lifestyle. With a single zip, our WOOL TECH LOCKER PACK is perfect for sporty activities after work. You can quickly place your laptop into its compartment, get on your bik