Yay! Peru!
How great is that?

I’m in Peru! At long last. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, I've got such huge expectations. What will the next 10 days bring? My itinerary is as follows: the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu and a 2-day trek in the Andes. But first I have to acclimatise, and that means getting used to the altitude in Peru (but the temperature is moderate at around 20 degrees). The first days are the perfect time to do this in this buzzing, loud and surprisingly large city. I take it easy, drink Coca tea, wander around the various plazas with cathedrals and markets, and am surprised at how many backpackers are mooching around. But there’s definitely good reason to do so: the city centre is, after all, a world heritage site as well as the starting point for all trips to Machu Picchu. Soon it will be for me too. But before any of that I enjoy Peru’s cuisine: You really can eat delicious and fresh food here on every street corner for hardly any money at all!
Yay! Peru! <br/>How great is that?
Machu Picchu. The legend lives on.

It’s hard to believe: although this incredible city of ruins is only 75 km from Cusco, it still took me 6 hours by bus and 3 hours on foot to get here. I really do encourage you to take the train from Cusco. Only a tiny bit more expensive and so much more comfortable and quicker! Apart from that, everything has probably been written about this city, which is legendary in every sense of the word. Take a look at my photos and then go see it for yourself. Top tip: arrive early in the morning, then you will see the mystical morning fog dispersing to reveal the ruins in their full glory. Breathtaking!

Machu Picchu. The legend lives on.
Machu Picchu. The legend lives on.
Machu Picchu. The legend lives on.
Machu Picchu. The legend lives on.

“By the way: at Machu Picchu, only packs up to 25l are permitted. No problem: you can detach the head section of the Denali like I did and use it as a day pack!”

Hannes Becker 24, blogger

The Andes trek. A grand challenge.

A 30 km trek at an average altitude of 4,500m with with added weight on your back – if you’re not used to it, then it’s certainly a challenge. But, at the same time, truly unforgettable: there are no words to describe the sight of thousands of grazing lamas and alpacas in front of the 6,500 m high mountains. The colours of the landscape are unique and beautiful. Reaching the Rainbow Mountains was definitely the highlight – look at the photos. Just wow. Special thanks goes to our chef, who kept our strength up with his tasty food. And to my raincoat for protecting me against the weather, nothing would have been possible without it. I will definitely come back.
And continue my journey. Because, quite simply, there’s no place more beautiful.

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