Chile or: five countries in one.

The south and north of Chile are two different worlds. In fact, there are several completely different vegetation, climatic zones and landscapes that unite this 4,200 km-long country. Whether you are looking for volcanoes, deserts, the pampas, fertile and flowering Mediterranean-like plains or rainy steppe landscape: here you can find everything – as well as many beautiful national parks. What else you can find: avocados, avocados, avocados. In all seriousness, the country is like paradise, the weather gorgeous and the people kind. If only there was a bit more choice when it comes to food!
Chile or: five countries in one.
Looking for beauty

Hello, my name is Marisa Hampe. I’m 23 years old and study Visual Communication at the Berlin University of Arts. During the semester breaks, I rarely stay in Germany: I have a passion for travelling around the world. Go check out my instagram, @marisahampe! Since I discovered photography, I’ve enjoyed travelling even more. The beauty offered by landscapes has an almost sensual quality for me. That is why I’m going to Chile this time – the incredibly long, narrow country, where dreams are made, in South America.

Looking for beauty
Looking for beauty
Looking for beauty
Looking for beauty

The large number of beautiful national parks in Chile are a real highlight. However, they all charge entrance fees – take this into account for your budget.

Marisa Hampe, hobby photographer

Endless expanses, endless beauty.

The original plan: one week in Patagonia in the south and one week in Atacama in the north. My biggest concern was not having enough time for all the adventures and beauty that the country has to offer. We started off in the north – from Santiago de Chile to Antofagasta. The moon-like landscape and the hot, dry climate are a welcome change from the German weather. It was not planned this way at all, but I ended up sleeping in the back of a pick-up truck for almost two weeks – with a sleeping bag and thermal mat under the starry sky. What more could you want? I usually spent the days completely surrounded by nature, leaving the cities almost completely behind. The scenery is simply spectacular.

Sunrises, entire mountain ranges coloured pink, salt lakes with pink flamingos, snowy Andean peaks and volcanoes. When we visited the El Tatio geyser on the 5,800 km high volcano, Putana, I was glad that the thin mountain air did not literally knock me off my feet – other tourists weren’t as lucky. But everybody was rewarded by the magnificent view. And best of all: I’ve still got the south to discover!

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