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Enter your personal details in order to secure yourself £150 cash back. Don't worry, we'll only use your details for this promotion! Read more in our privacy policy.

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In order to transfer you your hard-earned money, we need your bank details. Those will of course be transmitted as encrypted data.

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Fly the flag – not only the #GOBACKPACK flag, but our products too. You can upload your till receipt from any of the Jack Wolfskin stores or your online invoice from the official Jack Wolfskin online shop here. It is important that you purchased your product between 1 March and 31 July. It doesn’t matter what you have bought: whether it’s a full set of backpacking equipment or a pair of shoelaces. The only thing that matters is that your receipt is legible.

Any questions? Click here for the FAQs

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A cinema-quality production or a mobile phone video? Both, of course! Because no matter what you record when on your adventure, it’s the content that counts:

Our #GOBACKPACK flag should be on display

The video should last at least 30 seconds

Most formats are accepted, but we cannot accept videos bigger than 1.5 gigabytes unfortunately.

But it goes without saying: it’s your video!

And please, we don’t to see you taking the dog for a walk or in your front garden.

Any questions? Click here for the FAQs

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